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Managed IT solutions, security and services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Harnessing Innovations in IT to deliver solutions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

How can Tech 2U help your business?

Managed IT Services

Whether we are supplementing your existing IT staff or are your IT staff, Tech 2U's expert help desk and NOC team provide 24/7 monitoring, management, and protection for your peace of mind.

Cyber Security

The security cat-and-mouse game is never-ending. Our security specialists constantly have their ears to the ground on the latest risk vectors to keep your environment protected from all malicious entities. We provide SOC/SIEM services, awareness training, and will ensure your tech and your team are secure.

Cloud Solutions

Carefully designed and scalable cloud solutions provide businesses like yours with the ability to grow rapidly without compromising the security, stability, and health of your services. Whether these are Microsoft 365 services, hosted VoIP solutions, remote file access and collaboration, or more, find out how cloud solutions can help your business reach new heights.

Remote VPN / Collaboration

In this post-pandemic world, more and more businesses have a fully remote or hybrid workforce. The demands of these models have created the need to have secure BYOD plans, locked-down remote VPN solutions, advanced remote-desktop solutions with reliable file access and collaboration from anywhere in the world. Tech 2U provides a full suite of these solutions, so your company can stay agile with staffing needs.

Physical Security

Through innovative technology solutions, Tech 2U will ensure your security camera systems, access controls, theft prevention strategies, and environments are protected and secured.

Data Backup & Protection

Computers and servers can be bought, but your company's data is irreplaceable. Our geographically diversified backup solutions ensure your data is always safe and secure. Let us lose sleep over protecting your data, so you don't have to!



We don't take hostages. There are no long-term contracts. We want to continuously have our feet to the fire and earn our keep every month. Also, any IT services your company needs will be signed up in your name directly, so you aren't sneakily tied to Tech 2U in any way. We want you to retain your agility and the control of your IT infrastructure.



We pride ourselves on having best-in-class responsiveness to your IT problems and needs. When you contact your Tech 2U Helpdesk, our team will have a ticket opened and an engineer working on a solution in as little as fifteen minutes! We know time is money, and every moment your equipment or your staff is down results in lost revenue. Tech 2U strives to eliminate those delays so your team gets the help they need right away!

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Personal Touch

In this world of nameless, faceless IT providers where customers are treated like a number on the assembly line of IT support, Tech 2U takes a different approach. We ensure you have a live technical team member taking incoming calls. We ensure you have a dedicated account manager and technical resource that you can see, meet, and get to know. We work tirelessly to maintain a team we are proud of, and we want you to know each name and see each face!



A deep, versatile, team of experts with experience that runs the gamut of IT areas is at your fingertips with Tech 2U. Hundreds of years of combined experience across our talented team are here to ensure your IT needs are swiftly addressed the right way, the first time.

Proudly part of the Tech 2U family