Managed Services

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Help Desk

Simply pick up the phone and call “IT”. The Tech 2U help desk is one call away with a team of highly-skilled technicians ready to address your IT concern. A multi-tiered help desk awaits your call with best-in-class service level agreements

Threat Detection and Management

All our managed services programs offer cutting-edge, centralized, anti-virus software, comprehensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, and SOC (Security Operations Center) services. This suite ensures that threats are identified well before the malicious actors have a chance to inflict damage on your environment.

Network and Server Support and Management

Your mission-critical equipment needs constant management, updates, and health checks to ensure your investment is protected and secure. Downtime is the worst enemy of productivity. Ensuring the health of your equipment means reduced or eliminated downtime. Tech 2U is committed to ensuring your environment is operating at optimal efficiency and performance.

Vendor Management

One of the most trying aspects of managing complex IT solutions is ensuring the various vendors work together in a cohesive manner. Everyone has experienced the finger-pointing that happens when multiple vendors are involved. No one wants to own up to the root cause of an outage or problem. Even when that isn't an issue, the countless hours of staying on the phone with your vendors is exhausting - not to mention the impact on your team's productivity while on hold. Tech 2U is your vendor liaison. We work to ensure the relationship and chemistry between all vendors is managed so you don't have to!

Virtual CIO

Tech 2U wants to “sit at the table” with your IT committee and decision makers so we can provide the IT analytics, data, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting you need. When you have an IT-related initiative, your Tech 2U Virtual CIO will help take the vision and make it a reality - all while not having to incur the cost of an expensive IT Executive on your staff.

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